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Vaping doubles, reducing hard drug use

Teen marijuana vaping rates has DOUBLED as young people snub booze, cigarettes and hard drugs such as cocaine and LSD.

TEEN marijuana vaping rates have doubled over the past two years jusrt as alcohol and cigarette use among young people plummet.
Cannabis vaping dramatically increased from 7.5 per cent to 14 per cent among high school seniors who vaped in the past 30 days, according to a survey released Wednesday


The University of Michigan survey – which questioned middle and high school students about their drug use, drinking, and smoking habits – found that about 1 out of 5 US high school students have vaped marijuana in 2019.
Dr. Nora Volkow of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the federal agency that funds the annual survey, said: “The speed at which kids are taking up this behavior is very worrisome.”
Daily marijuana usage was found in 0.8% of eighth-graders, 3 per cent of 10th graders and 3.5 per cent of 12th graders.
About two-thirds of the 42,000 surveyed participants were randomly chosen and questioned about marijuana vaping.

In the survey’s 45-year history, the 12th grader’s marijuana vaping usage is the second largest, single-year increases ever tracked.
The nicotine vaping increase between 2017 and 2018 ranked first.

Dr. Richard Miech, who helped manage the survey, suggests the increase in use is do the simplicity of vaping. He said: “It’s odorless and slips easily into a pocket. You can just kind of graze on that all day.”

The rise in vaping has led to a decreased use of alcohol, ecstasy, heroin, cocaine, and meth – including a 3.6 per cent decline in acid use by high-school seniors.
Regular cigarette usage among 12th graders dropped 1.2 per cent since 2018.
Stanton Glantz, of San Francisco’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education who wasn’t involved in the survey, told CNN the vaping findings are “very concerning.”
“It usually takes years for kids to get from smoking cigarettes every once in a while up to daily use and the new generation of e-cigarettes is really accelerating that process.”
The survey suggest the rapid increase in marijuana vaping indicates the need for “new prevention and intervention efforts aimed specifically at adolescents.”

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