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Cannabis Virtual Investor Conference viewable online

Investor presentations on-demand

All presentations made at the June 4th Cannabis Virtual Investor Conference are available to view online until September at

The presentations are available for on-demand replay 24/7, and investors, advisors and analysts can also download shareholder materials from the “virtual trade booth” for the next week.

Virtual Investor Conferences, part of OTC Market Group, replicates the look and feel of on-site investor conferences, but also allows for a global audience and network.

So who took part?

Some of the companies involved include:

Better Choice Company

Cardiol Theapeutics

MTEC/ MJFreeway Aurora Cannabis Inc.

Anthus Capital Holdings, Inc.

Khiron Life Sciences Corp.

Terra Tech Corp.

DionyMed Brands Inc.

Valens Gro Works Corp.

Harvest One Cannabis Inc.

Nabis Holdings Inc.

Indus Holdings Inc.

Hemp Fusion

Is Cannabis investment the future?

In 2018 investment in Cannabis nearly quadrupled in Canada and doubled in the US. In Canada, Cannabis-related companies raised nearly $13.8 billion over the course of the year, compared with just $3.5 billion in 2017.

This is hardly surprising given the numerous legislative changes, both at national level in Canada and at state level in the US – with states like Michigan, Oklahoma and Utah legalizing cannabis in 2018. As of this day in 2019 ten states have legalized the use of cannabis, with more likely to follow.   As public support for legalization grows, and growing public support for legalization—shifts that have given investors more confidence about backing companies in the space and enticed big players in the beverage and tobacco industries to make bets on cannabis products.

In October 2018, Canada became the second country to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide (after Uruguay in 2013). The amount raised by companies in the country has already been on the upswing in 2016 and 2017.

Read more on the increasing interest in and use of recreational cannabis use here 

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