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7 Sex Positions Paired With Cannabis Products

CBD Oil dispenser
These will get you to a sexual high
LADIES, lets face it, Cannabis-based topicals won’t get your brain high, but these oils and creams which go onto your body (or into your body) can do magical things for your pleasure, like increasing blood flow to important parts, relaxing muscles, and enhancing your arousal. Which, yay!
Research from Stanford shows women who take cannabis have sex more often than those who do not get stoned – and that suggests some cannabis related sex-aids might also be a useful way of stimulating your relationships. But is it accessible?
Topicals with THC are only legal in medical and adult-use states like California and Colorado, as well as countries like Uruguay, and Portugal – but hemp-derived CBD products are available in all 50 States and most countries these days – though you have to know where to look. See end of story for more info in your area. We asked some experts how to get the party started.

1. The Cannabis Cowgirl

Be more chill in cowgirl with warm CBD oil. “Slowly lean back onto your partner’s legs, keeping them between yours, and encouraging them to warm some Simple Jane Temptress Topical Aphrodisiac oil on their fingertips to gently apply to your nipples, working their way down to your clitoris,” says Chelsea Hamilton, cofounder and sales director for Simple Jane. “The warming quality of the oil will heighten arousal and blood flow to these sensitive areas, as the CBD works to relieve tension and enhance the experience.”

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2. The Blunt Orgasm

The biggest, most elusive orgasm for many women is what we call the G-spot but is really the female prostate,” says Kiana Reeves, director of communication of Foria. What to do? Sex massage! Have your partner rub some Awaken intimate massage oil onto the labia, the clitoris, and inside your vagina. “When you use it with yourself or with a partner, take the time to massage it in and allow it to absorb–15 to 20 minutes–because that’s what’s going to enhance your sensations and your capacity for pleasure,” Reeves says. Just lie back and enjoy while your partner curls a finger or two and massages the top wall of the vagina, adding extra clit stim if you’re feeling it. “The more gentle and continuous the touch is, the more the sensations are enhanced,” Reeves adds.

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3. The Stoned ‘n’ Boned

Cannabis products don’t do a ton for penis-havers, but they can ease the way for anal—either giving or receiving. Insert a Foria Explore suppository anally, then insert a butt plug. “Cuddle, kiss, and have yummy affectionate touch for 10 to 15 minutes, then remove the butt plug,” says Ashley Manta, sex and relationship coach at CannaSexual. “Using LOTS of lube, take deep breaths and intentionally relax your body. Super duper slowly, the receiver lowers themselves down on the penetrating partner. If it hurts, something is wrong. Slow down and do more warmup or stop altogether.” The receiver gets to control the pace and depth of the penetration while the suppository increases pleasurable sensation and reduces discomfort without numbing. (Note: “Oil degrades latex, so be sure to use a non-latex barrier like nitrile or polyurethane for safer sex needs,” cautions Manta.) 

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4. The Slippery Spoon

Turn a morning cuddle into something more serious with cannabis-infused Night Moves Intimate Oil, recommends the badass Cyo Nystrom, CEO and cofounder of Quim Rock. “Wait for that to kick in, then slip into the little-spoon position.” You’ll feel the vasodilating effects that increase blood flow to sex organs, natural lubrication, and sensation, she says. “What starts as a snuggle sesh can quickly escalate to a full-blown morning romp with many other positions.”

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5. The Insomniac’s Release

Can’t sleep but don’t want to wake your partner? Head to another room for porn and a sleep-inducing orgasm, recommends Nystrom. “I’m here for a good time, not a long time, so I apply our fast-acting, cannabis-infused Oh Yes! Latex-Safe Serum despite the fact that no condoms will be necessary for a solo sesh,” she says. “Oh Yes! takes 3-7 minutes to kick in, giving me just enough time to sift through a few jarring videos that are def not my cup of tea before finding something that’ll do the trick. Hopefully, my trusty LELO vibrator is not out of battery because there is nothing worse than getting **almost there** to have your companion flatline.” Preach.
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6. Get it On, Guys For some guys their female partners’ interest in cannabis might mean tht smelling like a pot plant will help in bed –

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7. For Beginners

“CBD Massage Oil can provide sensual amplification on a subtle scale. ” — Sunny Rodgers, a sexologist and sexual health educator.

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Outside of the US we have a database of suppliers, some of whom operate with a low profile – please contact to be added to the list, or to ask us to find suppliers in your area.

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