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Cannabis Investors meeting in London

January 29th sees the the first major cannabis industry event of the year when Arena International’s conference, Future Cannabis Strategies kicks off showcasing investment opportunities and industry forecasts.

The Agenda is below and use the Ref TMRM and go to to book.

29th January 2020

08:45 Chair’s opening remarks – Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData

09:00 – Onstage Interview: Paving The Way For Cannabis Legalisation
Discussing progress across the APPG on Drug Reform to understand the sentiment within UK government for
Cannabis reforms & potential to open the market for complete decriminalization.
Crispin Blunt MP, House of Commons, 09:30

Keynote: Harnessing The Global Cannabinoid Opportunity
Presenting a global view of current and future opportunities in the cannabinoid market by understanding
consumer dynamics and demand.
 Presenting current and future forecast cannabis market sizes for key regions and countries
 Exploring the potential for growth in different cannabis categories
 Sharing consumer perceptions and usage of cannabis products
 Showcasing the evolution of consumer needs and demand in the cannabis space
 Studying product success stories from European market
 Highlighting future opportunities and barriers to growth within the European market
Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData

10:00 Reserved


Keynote: The Green Gold Rush! Expectations For Global Cannabis & Hemp Stocks
 Building the picture for the past 12 months for global stocks to understand market challenges
 Evaluating the CBD/ Cannabis opportunity across FMCG and how this may affect the markets
 Appreciating the impact of Canada’s deregulation on the global market and the impact this plays on
the world stage
 Investigating the role North American producers have on Europe to analyze the impact of future
European deregulation
Paul Gurney, Managing Director – Equity Sales, BMO Capital Markets

11:00 Morning refreshments and networking


Keynote: The State of the CBD Industry
 Retrospective of hemp production, CBD extraction and consumer demand
 Looking ahead to the opportunities and challenges for the CBD industry
 Sharing how science, data and industrial-scale technology will propel consumer demand for CBD into
the future
Mile High Labs


Regulatory Workshop: Europe’s Update on Novel Foods Standards
 Presenting an overview of the Novel Food Standards and how this effects CBD in Europe
 Reviewing restrictions and milestones to ascertain the barrier of entry into the market
 Ascertaining the cost implications of compliance to determine what testing is needed
 Understanding common mistakes made when submitting application to prevent unnecessary costs
and time
 Determining the effect of Brexit will have on British cannabis/hemp manufacturers to ensure
regulatory compliance
Catherine Wilson, Managing Director, CannaWellness & Board Member, European Industrial Hemp

12:50 Reserved
13:00 Lunch and networking


Innovation Keynote: Cannabis 2.0 The Botanic Labs Way
 Introducing Botanic Labs as a pioneer in the European cannabis space to identify the move to
Cannabis 2.0.
 Confirming the needs for consistent product innovation to great the new wave of Cannabis products
 Appreciating the consumer preference of food & beverages to understand the opportunities this
opens for brands
 Showcasing Botanic Labs’ products and their impact of the UK market
Rebekah Hall, Founder, Botanic Labs

14:40 Reserved


Keynote: Beverages In Focus – TRIP Case Study
 Presenting beverage product innovation to position TRIP as a leader in the cannabis beverages space
 Uncovering changing consumer opinion to predict category growth across CBD beverages
 Appreciating technology & scientific challenges when formulating CBD beverages and how to
overcome these
 Predicting the future for category; the CBD boom
Daniel Khoury, Co-Founder, TRIP
Olivia Ferdi, Co-Founder, TRIP

15:40 Reserved
15:55 Afternoon refreshments and networking
16:15 Reserved

Product Innovation Quick-Fire Round
As markets across Europe & North America experience a change in regulation and a shifting consumer opinions & demand,
the industry is innovating! This product showcase session is designed to bring together four product manufacturers which
have innovated to include cannabis derived ingredients.
Each product manufacturer will join the stage to share with the audience four key areas:
 Current & future product development
 Domestic & international consumer opinions of their product
 Their brand ethos
Each presentation lasts for 15 minutes, to provide the audience with a snapshot view of product innovation across the
16:45 Juices – Daniel Humphrey, Founder, Humphrey’s CBD
17:00 Cosmetics – Jasmin Thomas, CEO, Ohana CBD
17:15 Chair’s summary and close of day 1

30th January 2020


Novel Food Standards Panel: Testing, Compliance and Restrictions
 Sharing experiences across the sector to avoid common mistakes made when submitting
 Reviewing the testing methods and data needed to obtain novel food standards approval
 Understanding efforts made by industry bodies to lobby and adapt the standards for hemp based
 Incorporating the isolate debate, balancing the demands of regulators when manufacturers seek to
include in food products
Laurene Tran, Executive Director, ACTIVE
Catherine Wilson, Managing Director, CannaWellness & Board Member, European Industrial Hemp
Dr Thierry Kern, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, PenTec Consulting
Reserved – Fundacion Canna

10:00 Reserved


Growers Panel: Hemp Farming In Europe
 Exploring UK restrictions on hemp farming to detail current restrictions from the UK Government
 Arguing the need for a change in law & regulation to accelerate the UK as a global cannabis hub
 Analyzing the strength of North American hemp farming to determine the effect this has on
European supply
 Promoting the suitability of the British Isles for hemp farming post-Brexit to help economic
Andrew Fuller, Technical Director, Bridge Farm Group
Rebekah Shaman, Chair, British Hemp Association
Peter Shippen, CEO, Britania Bud
Dr Callie Seaman, Director, Hempire

11:10 Reserved
11:25 Morning refreshments and networking


Hosted Roundtable Discussions
Interactive roundtable sessions offer a unique opportunity to come together with your peers to share best
practice and develop solutions to critical challenges facing the industry as a whole.
Hosted by industry experts and each focused on a single issue, roundtables are an exciting, interactive way to build your personal network and learn from the experience and expertise of others.


Industry Panel: International Markets In Focus
 Emphasizing the need for Regulatory Standardization and a single certifying body to introduce
international quality control & compliance
 Discussing the key Global markets poised for entry for both Medicinal and Recreational use
 Understanding how international brands are educating consumers to differentiate between isolate,
distillate and full spectrum
 Bringing cannabis mass market, how to remove the stigma around cannabis and introduce varying
products to non-users
 Exploiting product innovation as a tool for market entry to reach untapped consumer markets
Colleen Quinn, Founder & Director, Lucy Annabella
Boris Blatnik, CEO, KannaSwiss AG
Jess Simoes, Founder, CannabinoidSoul
Jonas Duclos, CEO, CBD420 by JKB Research SA


Incorporating Sustainable & Community Values To Build A Successful Cannabis Brand
 Discussing how the cannabis industry presents an unprecedented opportunity to invigorate the
local and regional areas
 Idealising how the cannabis sector across Europe has the opportunity to lead in terms of
Jonas Duclos, CEO, CBD420 by JKB Research SA


International Keynote: Medical Cannabis In Germany
 Exploring the recent regulatory update to include legislation on Edibles, Topicals and Extracts
 Presenting German consumer demand and expectations of cannabis products to determine
potential market shifts in Europe
 Understanding product testing methods preferred by German producers to contrast and compare
 Showcasing product innovation in medicinal cannabis to predict next steps for international players
Joscha Krauss, CEO, MH Medical Hemp GmbH


Chair’s Summary
 Lessons learnt from the past 2 days of conference program
 Reviewing the market insights shared from industry leaders
 Thank you to audience, partners and organizers for their involvement
Neil Hendry, Global Head of Consulting, GlobalData

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